If you don’t know already than you must know that almost 70% of my revenue comes from Popunders. Read my full story here: How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites . I use two popunder services on my portfolio of 15 different adult tube websites and those are Popadsand Popcash. Today i will do a Popads review.

After spending countless hours on finding and testing different popunder networks for my adult tube websites, i finally found the best of all: Popads. Their expertise and rates for popup ads are way ahead of its competition. Since my goal was to maximize my earnings from my adult tube websites, i tried every decent popup network there is on the internet and after testing all of them, Popads came out as undisputed champion. Why i say that you may ask? let me explain why.

Here are the stats of Popads of one of my website which was getting close to 10,000 visitors per day.:

popads payment proof rates

For 10,000 visitors and a 25% bounce rate, getting close to 6,000 impressions is really impressive. 85% of my traffic was coming from Tier-1 countries and hence i was getting a decent rate of $1.8 on average.

I have been working with Popads for almost two years now and i did not have to look for alternatives at all. Trust me that this is the best Popup network on the internet and without any hesitation one should sign up for it. Popads signup:

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Popads earnings proof: Here is a screenshot of my Popads dashboard for one of my adult tube website: Popads review payment

Here is a screenshot of the money that i withdrew to my paypal account: popads payment proofs

Here is the paypal payment proof: popads payment proof paypal2

After looking at these pictures you must have got an idea of the earning potential of Popads as a network for Popunders. So don’t hesitate and waste any more time, go and signup for Popads right now.

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Popads Payouts

popads payout

Pros of using popads:
1) Minimum payout is $5
2) Instant Payment (within 24 hours)
3) Majority of the websites will get approved within few hours

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